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Custom Saddlery

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Back on Track, an international company that manufactures joint and muscle protection products, has been popular at Diamante Farms for years. Back on Track creates products that are especially beneficial to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints of horses, canines, and people. The company offers items such as blankets, saddle pads, exercise boots, and leg wraps.

“I am flattered to be sponsored by Back On Track. I use the products for myself and on my horses. I have personally felt the difference all the Back On Track products have made. I truly believe in this product. I’m proud to have them on my team because Back On Track is so important to my horses’ health and physical ability. “

– Devon Kane

For more information, visit backontrackproducts.com



Choice of Champions International, an equine supplement company based out of Wellington, offers some of Devon Kane’s favorite products. The supplements that Choice of Champions International distributes include U Shield, Super Joint Solution, Lung Aid, Easy Does It, and True Sweat.

“Choice Of Champion products truly produce the results they advertise. My horses use the Super Joint solution, Lung Aid, and U Shield. My horses have beautiful, shiny coats and improved muscle mass. They look beautiful and they are in top physical shape with amazing recovery and stamina. Since I began using Choice of Champions products, my veterinary expenses have decreased significantly. I enthusiastically support all Choice of Champions products because of the results they produce.”

– Devon Kane

For more information, visit choiceofchamps.com.

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The Dressage Sport Boot line is designed to provide excellent protection as well as comfort for the horse. The Dressage Sport Boot (DSB) features a rugged vinyl exterior with a Coverlight™ strike area. Coverlight™ is tear, puncture and abrasion resistant and has excellent overall durability. It is also waterproof and highly resistant to fungicidal growth making this an exceptional choice to withstand the rigors of the equestrian environment.

“Dressage Sport Boots are safe and classy. I am happy to be sponsored by Dressage Sport Boots and use them in daily training and at horse shows in the warm up. They are protective and chic. I love the patent leather option for shows and pictures. Dressage Sport Boots are a high quality product. They are very durable and cut down on tack up time because they are so easy to put on and take off. I am excited to be on the DSB team!”

– Devon Kane

For more information, visit backontrackproducts.com


 With over 30 years of equestrian expertise, the MDC Corporation specializes in superior equestrian services and products world-wide. MDC invests its time, energy, and capital to produce advanced English riding stirrups that actually improve riding performance, enhance riding position, ease pain and provide greater rider safety.

“I love the MDC Stirrups. They relieve all knee pressure and are comfortable, innovative, and attractive. MDC Stirrups are light years ahead of the competition.

– Devon Kane





For more information, visit MDCstirrups.com

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Custom Saddles are the Official Saddle of the United States Dressage Team and for good reason… with over 14 models, Custom Saddlery is a leader in innovative design and expert craftsmanship. Most importantly, Custom Saddlery has a nationwide army of committed saddle fitters to fit your body type and your horse’s conformation. That’s Custom and that’s MySaddle.com.

“There are several things that set Custom saddles apart. My young horses are so comfortable in the Custom saddle, which allows me to get more out of them. They perform wonderfully in them. Most importantly, Custom Saddlery’s customer service is wonderful. Their saddle fitters are extremely knowledgeable and truly care about the horse and rider.  They have a variety of color and leather options, which allows me to be comfortable and stylish. I am so thrilled to be working with this company!”

-Devon Kane

For more information, visit MySaddle.com



Animo is an exceptionally fashionable, functional and innovative equestrian clothing line. Thanks to the composition of the fabric, Animo offers outstanding elasticity, hygroscopic power to absorb water and anti-static properties. Animo keeps the equestrian athlete cool, comfortable and beautiful – all at the same time. All Animo clothing is made in Italy and is machine washable.

“I really appreciate the craftsmanship and the materials that Animo puts into their clothing. It’s beautiful. I love their fabrics! Their materials are so comfortable, stretchy, and water resistant, but absorbent when they need to be. You can just throw them into the washing machine, which is so convenient for my busy showing and training schedule.”

-Devon Kane

For more information, visit USAnimo.com




Uvex helmets offer the best combined protection for maximum safety and superb wearing comfort. Their helmets are cool, comfortable, and stylish.

“The Uvex styles are very trendy and sporty, giving the rider a more modern, streamlined look instead of the older style larger helmets that distract from the riders features.”

– Devon Kane

For more information, visit UVEX.Com





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